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We are so grateful for your support for our virtual event, In2 The Now Celebration Summit: Say YES To You!, July 21, 2021, 4pm–6:30pm Pacific time. The Summit’s theme is “Say YES To You! - Your Sacred Yes.” 

Save July 5th – 20th, 2021 to promote and share this spectacular event

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The free virtual In2 The Now Celebration Summit runs live on July 21st, 2021, 4:00 – 6:30 pm Pacific time. Registrants will be encouraged to attend live and also have the chance to watch the free replay through Sunday, July 25th at 11:59 pm Pacific time.

Not only will Agape share incredible content with your audience, they will present an offer for lifetime access to the live Summit video archive, plus two additional bonus talks by Bob Proctor and Sadhguru that will be previewed during the live event, plus lifetime access to their previous Into the Now Virtual 3-Day Summit video archive, plus downloadable MP3 recordings of both Summits, plus a bonus video, two e-books, and an meditation audio program from Dr. Michael for sale for $199. And they will pay you 50% commissions on your referrals. They will also pay you 50% commissions on the $497 upsell, which also includes 3 live, Zoom group coaching with Dr. Michael and a guest, plus lifetime access to those video archives and downloadable MP3s.

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Agape International Spiritual Center’s mission has always been to create a movement that stands for unconditional love, for peace, and for being a beneficial presence on the planet.

 Everything that has happened in the last year offered us the opportunity for accelerated personal and Spiritual introspection, growth, and transformation. Our intention with this Celebration is to inspire you to search for and discover your own Sacred Yes through Divine love, and Oneness with Spirit.

And, our intention is, that by discovering your own Sacred Yes, you will feel empowered to take action to create a world that works for the highest and best for ALL, a world you are happy and joyful to live in!

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